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Here is your 1 search result for Walking & Biking Tours in St Augustine, United States

Walking Historic Tour of the Nations Oldest City

Walking Historic Tour of the Nations Oldest City - St. Augustine, Florida

Duration: 2 hours
Location: St. Augustine, Florida

From USD

Your licensed professional guide will walk you through the real history of St. Augustine, Florida ... More info ›

Your licensed professional guide will walk you through the real history of St. Augustine, Florida. Known as the nations oldest city, St. Augustine has great buildings, attractions, landmarks, and waterfront views. Your tour may cover history spanning from 1565 to the present, with special focus on particular areas such as Henry Flaglers magnificent hotels and neighborhoods. you will be able to learn the real history of the main structures of the city like Castillo de San Marcos and why it was built, to the city gates which protected the city from invasions. Learn the true history of St Augustine from the residents and professionals that live there. We have operated tours in St. Augustine since 1998 and nobody does it better. Wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes. Cameras and well behaved leashed pets are welcomed and encouraged. Let us help you make the memories of a lifetime.

2 hour Walking Tour, starting from the "Love Tree" at 6 Cordova Street, centrally located to all parts of the historic area. Your guide will meet and discuss the planned route with all of the guests making sure we are able to cover particular interests when possible. Where comfortable shoes and bring a camera because some of the views are simply amazing and you won't want to miss them or forget them! Your guide truly knows St. Augustine and its history and is ready to charm and enchant you with its stories and tales of yesteryear. We will go on the grounds of Castillo de San Marcos the Oldest Masonry Fort in the US built in 1695 and still standing to this day. Learn the architectural and structural details from the outside and what makes this fort truly unique and enchanting. Walk the beautiful Bayfront of the city where porpoises are often seen frolicking in the water and get up close to the infamous Bridge of Lions and its unique history. You may travel to Treasury Street, or the Constitutional Plaza known during the Spanish times as City Center and required by the King of Spain to be built. Or maybe we will cover the Henry Flagler Era and view the neighborhoods and business's this iconic business magnet brought to what he describes as the "Newport of the South." Either way your 2 hours during the cool morning will slip by quickly and you will have a better understanding of the town, it's residents, and the people who have both come and gone here.

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